Classroom: Tracking opportunities to drive long-term value

Lindsey Perez wrote this on May 11

Track Opportunities

The value of tracking opportunities is that it ensures you know exactly where all of your deals in the pipeline stand. You have a clear view of each stage, progression and potential. On top of being better informed, tracking opportunities allows you to prioritize specific accounts and sales dependent on the available information.

How Opportunities in Synap work

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Opportunities in Synap represent a potential sale of  products or services, whether it’s the the first sale to that customer or a follow-on. Other systems may refer to them as deals. The key is that they are associated with an organization (either a customer or a prospective customer) and have properties such as stage, amount, target date, and internal representative. There can be any number of additional data points related to the opportunity, which users can create using custom fields.

Benefits of tracking opportunities in Synap include:

  • Saving time when you need to communicate about the opportunity to a teammate.
  • Forecasting incoming revenue by representing multiple potential deals with a given organization and building pipeline reports.
  • Closing more deals by adhering to a set process for all opportunities by using custom fields and views.

Want more information on the logistics of Opportunities in Synap? Take a look at our help article. 


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