Guest blogging for Syanp 

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We love writing our own posts for Journeys and we’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to share our thoughts and best practices with others. But, we’ve also started to get inquiries about writing guest posts for us, so we decided it's time we create a formal process.

What we look for

Articles that focus on account management, key account planning and customer success are all welcome! Things like best practices, lessons learned, processes and resources will be most valuable to our readers. And, if you can include statistics, visuals and/or other helpful supporting assets, even better.

Helpful Hints

  • Be specific: we love content that has a strong viewpoint or angle.
  • Original or evergreen content is a must, alongside high-quality writing.
  • Posts should provide real value for our readers; actionable takeaways or next steps are a must.
  • Include proper attribution for any visuals, data, quotes and outside content that you’ve included in the article.
  • If you’re hoping to write a promotional piece, this isn’t the place for you.

We want to ensure our readers are excited about the content, and most importantly, learn something! And, remember, we give credit where credit is due. You will always be listed as the original author.

How To Submit A Guest Post

If you’re feeling good about everything listed above, here’s how it works. Before you start drafting your masterpiece, fill out the form or send us an email: