How to: A guide for creating effective customer journey maps

Jeremie Bacon wrote this on Jan 04


In our world where the lifetime value of a customer accrues over years, companies need to be more proactively engaged than ever in not only acquiring, but also retaining, and growing their customer relationships. To be successful, companies need to create rich journey maps to help them guide their customers along their journey.Download our journey map template

Zoku Journey Map_1800.png

The goal for companies should be to use new technologies, processes, and organizational structures to proactively lead - rather than just follow - customers on their journey. Companies that figure out how to make the entire customer journey compelling, enriching, and engaging will be able to earn trust and loyalty. They're also more likely to solidify a meaningful competitive advantage in their markets. But figuring that out is about more than just buying a bunch of software and looking at the data it spits out.

I think the best way to get started is to grab paper and a pencil, sit down with your teammates in sales, marketing, account management, support, and product, and sketch out your ideal customer journey map. Journey mapping can set you up for success in figuring out what tools and processes you will ultimately need to implement to manage and grow your customer relationships.

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